A Challenging Week

The compost bin I was so excited to get started arrived damaged, so I’m waiting to hear what will happen with it. For the best part of the week it just sat in the middle of the lawn, sad. Having requested a refund from the company, they want to send a courier to collect the broken thing (?!), so I spent some time yesterday packing it up for collection. A great deal more carefully than it arrived packaged, I might add!

I wasn’t expecting it until early September, then it arrived! Broken! Who knew composting would be such an emotional roller-coaster?!

On Monday I finished The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood and started Who Did You Tell?, the second book by localish author Lesley Kara. I enjoyed the first (The Rumour) somewhat and I expected to find this one just as OK. Actually, I enjoyed this one much more than the first; I think it had a lot more depth? I enjoyed the plot concept more, anyway. There’s a third book coming too, which I will probably also read.  I finished that one yesterday and started The Guts by Roddy Doyle. I am enjoying it as I will always enjoy a Roddy Doyle book, and this is a continuation of the Barrtytown trilogy (The Commitments, The Snapper, and The Van), so I’m already invested.

I’ve finished my knobs! Here’s the final five:

I also took some process pictures, which I could share if anyone is interested?

On telly, I’m still working my way through Shrill (meh) and The Detectorists. I’m really loving the latter – it’s set in Essex and filmed in Framlingham, Suffolk, and really, really looks and feels like it. The show is hilarious and touching and really well written and the music is very sweet.

The dishwasher saga continues! I [unexpectedly! Oops!] won a new-to-me dishwasher on ebay and fetched it on Thursday and have spent the last few days and nights trying to get the thing plumbed in. It leaks. I have used all the rags and towels in the house at least 3 times over, mopping up the kitchen floor. I think something connecty has come adrift inside and I will have to call the nice man out again. I will get this thing working!

Edit: I called the nice man: he’s on holiday until the 17th! Ugh!

On Friday and Saturday Bean and I went swimming at a new-to-us beach and it was absolutely lovely and super convenient with very easy parking.

We had this wee bay pretty much to ourselves which was lovely. The first day I went in in my bikini! The next day was not so warm so I wore my wetsuit. I would never, ever in a thousand years have ever thought I would even wear shorts a couple of years ago, let alone actually being in public in a bikini. Or in private, for that matter. Not giving a f*ck with age was promised to me by older, wiser folk and I never thought it possible, yet here I am! I try not to dwell on all the years I didn’t feel the sun on my skin.

On Saturday we were bobbing along, enjoying our swim, when we heard… A paradiddle! After another few minutes actual, sustained drumming. We got out and walked around the bay to find out what was occurring and found a bunch of teens making a music video on the next beach! As none of the other instruments or singer were mic’ed we could really only hear the drums from the distance, but it was such a nice thing to see. We watched for a while with a small crowd, some of whom were genuinely annoyed about a band being on completely empty beach – miseries! Later on we could see them from our beach, filming on the groyne – it really made me smile.

Apologies for the quality of this zoomed-in pic!

On Friday night I finally finished fixing my chair!

It’s held up so far – I’m posting from it! I won’t be sewing anything much until my blistered thumb has recovered! Many thanks for your kind comments on my mending ❤️

Now im looking forward to getting on with some actual making, rather than endless fixing – I hope I’ve not jinxed it now! What could possibly go wrong next??

Bean’s Brownies walking total has been bumped up a little with a 6+ walk into town and back on Saturday. She needs to do a couple of additional Brownies activities over the summer and she picked the Baking badge. Needing some ingredients, she suggested we walk to get some miles in as well,which I am always happy to encourage.

Gosh, that was a long, hot walk! It was lovely to sit by the river in a merciful breeze before heading home! So now the grand walking total is 37.939 miles! Not pictured: blackberries picked (so early in the year!!) and cooking apples scrumped along the way.

Yesterday we stayed home and relaxed and baked! We made a blackberry and apple crumble for part one of the badge and some dragon biscuits for the second…

Far too hot for baking frankly! The sugar cookies recipe we used, and halved, still made a metric ton of dough and despite our best efforts it still rose too much for the cut shapes to slot together easily, but we had fun doing it, I guess.

This morning we headed back to the beach again, having a brilliant 2 hours of splashing about with B, hurrying home in time for me to have a Zoom meeting with my new manager from work.

Same beach, but without the shingle!

Work, that is my dayjob, has been the biggest challenge of this week that’s felt like nothing has gone right. I’ve been furloughed since late March which was difficult in itself, because I was the only member of my team furloughed for months and that felt like a value judgement on my work, which I had cared about very deeply. On Tuesday last week I was informed by HR that I would be having a meeting with my two Directors on Thursday afternoon. No further details, just that. So I felt sick with anxiety for over 48 hours, worrying that I’d lose my job, wondering if I was being redeployed… In the end it was exactly that. A new team has been created and I’m part of it. I’m honestly not especially keen on the work or the team but I am, above all else, so very grateful that I’m still employed. Looking for work when you’re employed is a very privileged position and I’m thankful for that, at least.

So today’s meeting… I sat through all 60 minutes of it with my wet bikini in under my clothes – we only just made it home in time! Ha! I already have an OK relationship with my new manager, we understand each other pretty well and he’s a good guy, so there’s that. I have pretty serious reservations about my new work; it is even further removed from what I want to be doing than before (which was at least aligned with what I’m experienced in and qualified for), but as I say: I can be looking for new opportunities – such as they are at this time – whilst I’m in this role, and keep reminding myself that it’s only a day-job.

I will try not to make this space a venting-spot about work any more than I need it to be for posterity’s sake – it’s triffick boring for other people and I don’t feel comfortable going into specifics anyways. Congrats and thanks if you’ve made it this far!

After a couple of hours sitting in the sun now, writing this, enjoying coffee and some of those wretched biscuits, I’m feeling like I can crack on with cleaning/ painting those kitchen cupboards and finally getting those knobs on (!).

I’m really looking forward to the cool of this evening and the time & space to catch up with my blog-reading & commenting and responding to comments. I honestly wasn’t in the right frame of mind for it at the end of last week. Hoping for a better week for everyone this week!

(Oh, and PS: I did at least manage to lose 3.4kg this week!)

WOYWW – Making Do and Mending

I’ve started experimenting with Cinq Point de Venise edging:

It came about because I really love the look of combined crochet and fabrics, particularly pretty crocheted edging, but I cannot crochet for toffee or anything else!

I wanted to see what Cinq Point de Venise might look like done “chunkier” and perhaps with less ‘dense’ blanket stitching. It came together more quickly than I expected and it was interesting trying out different loop sizes. I’ll definitely come back to this!

Next up, a quick fix on a free canvas tote bag:

No apologies for this mend being pale pink rather than coordinating. I love the character a cute mend gives an item, and when I’m in the mood to mend, I just grab whatever embroidery floss is handy and get started before the whim leaves me!

Another very visible mend now; the seat on my outdoor rocking chair:

I started the second fix on my beloved chair last night (see more pics of the previous tear & mend here). ‘Scuse the cat fur- they love my chair too!

It’s really hard-going, especially as I can’t find my leather thimble! The pink & green is the newer fix and I’m not certain it’ll hold up, but I’ll try. Mending the whole tear will take me a while, but as the weather isn’t too good right now it’s OK.

Another very visible mend, again just grabbing the colours closest with no real plan. Agonising over details like that just stop me getting started.

Aaand finally, something a little bit more fun; more knobs:

Some are closer to being finished than others (the layers of varnish take time), but I’m almost finished with these! I’m taking a lot of process pictures just in case anyone wants a wee how-to.

I’m really looking forward to scrubbing down my cabinets, giving them a fresh lick of paint and getting these handles in situ. Not least because we’ve now had no knobs for a fortnight! Oo-err!

Looking forward to seeing what everyone else is up to now!

Lotsa Seaside

Sorry its been a few days! Let’s seeee…

Well, the garden is still looking OK, despite my lack of attention!

The echinops are flowering! I love them for their leaves, to be honest.

Daisies of all sorts are just SO joyful, no? I’m completely delighted by those frilly pink surprises! Are they pink cornflowers? And I live the way the evening sun comes through my ivy arch. The golden hour barely skims my garden, but it’s so beautiful where it does (see also the echinops pics).

On Friday morning I finally finished that blue bunting! Here it is the very second it was finished:

I can see 2 different shades of J’s old scrubs, the cover from my breastfeeding support pillow (Bean is 9!!), the fish/camo print is from some boxershorts I bought when I was 18ish because I liked the fabric, and some chambray wide-legged trousers… Maybe there’s more….

Some are patched, some are solid, they’re all topstitched, the whole thing has decorative running stitch along the tape, and it looks much the same on both sides.

And it’s still there, 3 days later, pinned to the shed with dressmaking pins and held onto the ivy arch with… Ivy! I don’t really know what to do with it!

On Friday afternoon I took my mum for a bit of fresh air at Felixstowe Ferry. She had a new hip just before Coronavirus hit, so she’s not been getting out much at all. We spent a pleasant couple of hours chatting and watching Bean in the water. Here’s our view over to Bawdsey:

Watching the tide go down and the sandbars and little shingle ‘islands’ appear over the water and knowing how lovely it is over there, B and I decided we should bring J for a little adventure one day.

After a quiet Saturday and with J back home, Yesterday was the day!

The sea was so sparkly and, while not *warm*, we all had a smashing swim, especially B who was barely out of the water all day. Here’s almost the same view a few hours later:

We did have fun wading out to the islets!

It’s a shingle beach, obviously and very little in the way of litter (we took away what we did find) or interesting beach finds…

I did bring home a backpack full of sea-washed bricks, as I usually do. You see, I have in my garden a sort of “Brickery”… Its like a rockery, but of the most wonderfully worn, rounded bricks, pipes, and bits n pieces of the like that I (or J!) have dragged home form some adventure or another. I’m soon going to embark on a bit more of a planned brickery area, so they’ll be handy. Here’s my favourite, which Bean pulled out of the sea for me:

A very pleasant day was spent there, alternately lazing in the sun in a silent hollow in the shingle or splashing about in the sea.

Also admitting my toenails, done on Self-Care-Saturday. I used to do it all on Sundays but that all felt much too homeworky. B said they remind her of watermelon! Apologies if you hate feet! And if you *like* feet Well, you’re welcome!

I’ll leave you with my favourite pic of the day…

Ain’t that the truth!

My nice new compost bin arrived this morning (was expected 9th September!), so I’m off to fill her up!


Yesterday morning I decided it was time to get around to a couple of things. Last month I noticed that a few of the plants that live on the windowsill in my living room weren’t just a bit feeble, they were actually riddled with scale bugs. The avocados in particular suffer badly. So I ordered a treatment and used it and the plants began to pick up a bit pretty quickly. I knew it was time for another treatment because the sap started appearing on the window again – what the bugs do is suck the sap out of the poor old plant and spray their excretions out the back! So this sticky stuff settles in white spots on the windows, surfaces below, and other plants. Horrid. So I cleaned the window, inside and out, took the plants outside and coated them with the treatment.

It was a lovely day for it and I actually ended up leaving them outside overnight.

After writing my first WOYWW post, I gave 8 more knobs another coat of varnish, then got ready to go out. I actually wore a bit of make-up for the first time in months and did my hair just a little bit more than usual. No real reason why, but I think I’ve got that return to work in the back of my mind.

Bean, J and I visited the Museum of East Anglian Life in Stowmarket and it was lovely! We got to see less than half of it before we were gently reminded that the museum had closed 5 minutes ago and kindly given a ride on one of their estate carts back to the entrance!

The letterpress parts were lovely, and the bards full of oiled and oily old machinery smelled like my dad, childhood memories of steam rallies, similar museums, and a garage full of vintage tractors and parts and oily rags…

We saw pigs, poultry, rabbits, sheep, goats, and a working dog moving a small flock of sheep around. There were more animals too, we glimpsed cows, hoarded & ponies and my personal favourite: donkeys.

I was completely charmed by the lovely old buildings. This is a forge. The textures and the windows made from lots of little panes of glass and the raspberry red colour!

This building, Alton Mill, was interesting because it was dismantled, moved, and reconstructed here from Stutton (16 miles) when it was flooded to make Alton Water in 1973.

My nerdy shame: I really love old bricks! In fact, the page Brick Of The Day is maybe the only thing I miss about using Facebook, and not enough to go back (it’s been at least 3 years!). I pull them out of the ground, out of the river, the sea..theyre around my house and garden… I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for any of these locally-made types.

I was suuuper taken with this farmhouse. It was a private residence, I believe, so no closer pictures! I understand that there are spaces laid out elsewhere at the Museum showing homelife, which I’d like to see.

There was also the most beautiful tin chapel – this is the side-room: the Sunday school. Those wee chairs!

And that’s where our visit ended. Bean and I are really looking forward to going back and seei g the rest that the extensive and mainly outdoor museum has to offer. It’s a lovely place.

In the evening after watering/ feeling all the house plants, a Tesco delivery, getting Bean into bed, and washing up (still hating it!), I got another coat of varnish onto my knobs handles then settled down to watch another couple of episodes of The Detectorists in the iplayer and stitched a little bit more of the [endless!!] blue bunting before bed.

This morning I got up before B and had a coffee in peace, catching up on other people’s blogs. I received some lovely comments on my last post which was very kind indeed, and I look forward to seeing what they’re all up to.

Before I even had that coffee I gave the door-pulls another coat of varnish/ a sand down as applicable – I’m really looking forward to getting them all back on the cupboards – fumbling about in the kitchen is tiresome indeed! Just another 12 to make and 8 to finish! Ha!

Today is J’s birthday and he’s also starting night shifts tonight so he’s sleeping in today. We don’t really have any plans, but his mother ‘may’ be visiting. Unfortunately her idea of safety during a pandemic is not quite the same as mine, making her desire for visits in both directions even more fraught than usual. Such a shame. Hopefully we can come up with an arrangement that works for everyone.

Must wrap his gifts and get B to write in his card before he wakes up!

WOYWW – What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday

A couple of blogs I follow take part in “What’s On Your Work desk Wednesday” and so I thought I’d join in and, um, show off my knobs!

Not an especially good picture, apologies. The light isn’t great in my wee workroom.

These are [some of] the yellowed cupboard door knobs from my kitchen, which I am covering with some scraps from my fabric stash. All of it is kept from Bean’s most beloved baby clothes, kept from our own old clothes, or vintage.

They’re just made like covered buttons and varnished (a little bit here on the construction). I’ll probably do a more detailed post on how they’re made at some point.

The top row is completely finished – 6 layers of varnish and a couple of rounds of sanding and they’re ready to use, I think. They’re suuuper smooth and laminated.

The middle row have 2 coats of varnish and need a wee bit of sanding soon.

The bottom row are covered but as yet unvarnished.

I’m really enjoying making these and they’ll keep my kitchen looking a little bit more jolly for a couple more years until we can finally replace the terrible cabinets!

Anyway, I hope I’m doing this right? It’ll be nice to try to keep up with WOYWW going forward!


I’ve recently pinned all my WIP’s/UFO’s to the door of my workroom, the idea being that I will be forced to address them and not start anything new.

There’s an unfinished cushion for Bean’s teacher, a very early-stages cover/case for one of J’s synths, the un-Finnish-ed hoop, a hoop I’m finishing for a friend, a finishing-touches stage string of blue bunting, the seat for a chair needing finished…

And that’s not to mention the mending that needs doing… My garden rocking chair tore again (my previous fix survived though!), a top needs altering, my sun brolly that needs patching…

Broken – Fixing – Fixed – Broken again!

Knob knews! J is more than happy for me to go ahead and cover aaallll the kitchen cupboard knobs with fabric, so on Saturday night while watching Shrill on iplayer* I covered and varnished 3 more and put a final coat on the first, prototype one. 3 in Bean’s old clothes and 1 in J’s old boxers:

The green gingham one is finished and beautifully smooth – I’ve got high hopes for the wipeability of these when they’re done! I paint the varnish on when they’re stuck on skewers so they dry nicely. They make for a nice picture in the garden too, no?

The weather was much improved yesterday , bright, a little bit breezy and not raining! How it came down on Saturday evening.

In desperate need of some fresh air and exercise, yesterday morning, I made the decision to have a brief visit to a bit of pretty seaside an hour away.

A gorgeous, quiet, almost empty-of-people spot. Lacking in sand and interesting treasures (just one tiny piece of seaglass!), but with beautiful light and colours…

Watching Bean swimming, I worked my way along the blue bunting WIP I mentioned earlier, passing the halfway mark.

I’m completely charmed by this beach. It’s got a lovely atmosphere, space, cheap parking, loos and a cafe serving good, cheap filter coffee. The colour palette is beautiful.

We’ll definitely be back – J would love it here. We’ll bring the kayaks too, next time.

Once we got home I made a quick dinner of macaroni with red pesto and peppers with cheese and then… Ran out of steam. After reading with Bean and getting her into bed I had a deliciously scalding bath and was just beginning to ease my sore shoulder into the relaxing hotness when a little tapping came at the door. She has a splinter and it reeeally hurts. Bath over, and bed shortly afterwards!

Today I have housework to catch up on, and we’re going to watch a movie with popcorn later – hopefully I’ll get some stitching done too. Right now I’m at the coffee-drinking and list-making stage of the day… Easing myself in!

* I read the book when it came out and enjoyed it at the time, though since then my feelings have changed. The TV series is ~OK~, a little bit facile and feels like a an aspirational teen drama in it’s delivery, but perfect for sewing/ knob-making in front of.

Twitchy Day

Got up late, made breakfast for Bean, read some blogs, and drank coffee. Feeling unsettled and twitchy.  It’s windy out, and grey with a spatter of occasional rain, so I really don’t feel like finishing what I started in the garden.

I worked a little on this hoop that’s sat unfinished since 2012 or something like.

I started the running stitch border yesterday on a whim and also the wee crossed seed-heads between the lines of text, which seemed a bit large and empty. Both were completely freehand which is unusual for me as I usually sketch something out with water soluble pen first. But when I got settled on the riverbank after seeing Bean off in her Kayak and J off on his SUP I discovered I had forgotten my pen at home.

I was originally going to repeat the red flower motif below the text, but now I’m unsure. Might it look at little crowded?

The text is Finnish for “Home Sweet Home”, or rather more literally ” Own Home (is as) Valuable as Gold”. The design is based on motifs from the Moomins books, hence Finnish text (and a more traditional Home Sweet Home might be too twee for my tastes).

I revisited a spore of an idea from yesterday: covering the yellowed-white cupboard door door knobs with stash fabric. See how they come apart to hide the gathering at the back?

Here’s one wet with [floor] varnish.

There are 24 door knobs in my kitchen and I think I’d better see how this one works out/ run it by J before do any more.

Still twitchy, I decided to [re]cut in my face-framey bits of hair and give the ends a wee trim.

I got a letter about returning to work in mid-September which has given me a lot of ~feelings~ and I’m suddenly very aware of how ill look to the colleagues I haven’t seen since mid-March. I’ll have to wear Proper Clothes for the first time in months – it’s been shorts and vests and bikini tops and comfy, skin-baring stuff. Certainly no shoes for the longest time! Not looking forward to Clothes, work, wretched colleagues or winter, and especially not worrying about C19 more than usual.  That’s assuming I’ll go back into the actual office – which oddly I would much, much prefer to working-from-home. I *hated* doing that at the beginning of lockdown! I hate work being in my home – that’s what I go to work for!! 51 days to go. I’ve got the countdown in my diary.

J is off to work this afternoon and will be back on Tuesday morning, so it’s the first few days of school holiday with just Bean and I which will be nice. Not sure what we’ll do yet, but I am *so* glad to see the back of homeschooling for the year!
She is doing a challenge with Brownies to walk 100 miles in a year, so obviously I’m along for the ride too. So far she (we) have done 27.314 miles and have therefore earned the 5, 10, and 25 miles badges. Next stop: 50 miles! Oof!

I love walking and we all need the exercise, so I’m delighted to take part in this challenge. J hates walking, so this is something nice we can do together, just us two.

I made B her lunch, J got up (shift werk!), and I had a bath and hair wash… Lovely!

I’m not sure what this evening will consist of, other than reading with Bean and grudgingly washing up by hand (the dishwasher broke and I’m spoiled!)… Perhaps I’ll finish that hoop!

Around Alton Water

Last Thursday was my last Thursday off from work for some time and with my terrible step-count nipping at my heels I wanted to get a quick walk in.

My walking time is limited by the school runs in the morning and afternoon and the drive time to school from wherever I go, and I had some boring laundry to see to before I could head out. A walk around Alton Water in Suffolk is a shortish drive away, reliably not-too-muddy, no map consulting required, a circular walk, and vaguely familiar. I ended up being able to leave at around 11:30 and left the car (at the free car park here) at 12:07.

This was a bit of a worry as Alton Water is usually listed as a 2.5 hour walk. School is about 20-30 minute drive away so I had to complete the walk in almost exactly 2.5 hours.

So it was a much more brisk walk than I’d prefer. I’m terribly unfit and was [manageably] out of breath the whole way around. As you can see, the weather was gorgeously bright and I got very warm, eventually taking off my sweatshirt and doing the second half in just my vest and zip-up hoodie. It was stressful tbh worrying the whole time if I’d be able to get back to the car in time and having to keep up the pace. I’d definitely allow more time if I did it again.

It’s a pleasant walk I’ve done before (with my kid, then probably 6 or 7 – it took much longer! We’ve also biked it) of 7.43 miles according to my tracker. I was reminded of it by this excellent post from My Corner of Suffolk, a blog I’ve recently discovered and love. It’s a great mix of well-researched local history, great descriptions, directions, and pictures.

The light, as I said, was beautiful – like a golden hour the whole time. The walk offered some pretty vistas across the water and at that time on a week day I passed few people. Hermit by name…

As I walked around the resovoir it’s hard to forget that this used to be open landscape with farming and houses and people and life. It’s easily forgiven when you’re looking at the pretty bits, the more ‘natural’ looking parts, but feels like a shame when you walk along the dam, the bridge, some of the shores and buildings and other man-made structures which are decidedly unpretty.

Anyway, I did make it in time, finishing in 2 hours 25 minutes which I was very pleased with indeed! And I got to school with time to catch my breath before collecting Bean. I was glad to have found the free car park (by accident- the Lemon’s Hill one was full) and will definitely do it again. Maybe I can beat my time!

Goals check in #1

Walk 10k Steps Every Day.

When I wrote these goals I’d forgotten that my first week back to work (when my year really started) I would be working my reduced vac hours. This means fewer daily hours worked and fewer days too, no lunch break, very much head-down-bum-up, and I would be picking Bean up from school every day. Realistically this means fewer steps walked. I’ll be kind to myself and call this week a soft launch of the 10k Steps goal!

Monday – 4,626 – worked 5 hours, barely left my desk, then home.
Tuesday – 5,000 – worked 5 hours, barely left my desk, then home.
Wednesday – 4,300 – worked 5 hours, barely left my desk, then home.
Thursday – 19,119 – day off. 2 hours at home, then a brisk 2.25 hour walk (I was very aware of how short I was falling of my goals previously, and the weather was great).
Friday – 4,256 – day off. Spent the day at home doing some mending to a bag and very little else.

Even averaged out from the great total on Thursday this still isn’t good enough and falls short. Must do better.

Lose Weight.

Monday: -0.6kg
Tuesday: -0.9kg
Wednesday: -0kg
Thursday: -1.3kg
Friday: +0.8kg
Total: -2kg

Pretty pleased with that – my goal was roughly 1kg per week, so I smashed that despite the shortfall in steps. I made an incredible stilton and spinach pasta sauce yesterday and a huge amount of it too! Obviously I overindulged! Still, I feel like I’m doing OK.

Don’t Buy Lunch At Work

I haven’t bought anything to eat or drink at work this week! Champion!

At Least One Long Walk Per Month.

On Thursday I walked around Alton Water in suffolk. According to my activity tracker this was a 7.43 mile walk (but sources on the internet say 8 miles, 7.56 miles – I wonder which is most accurate?) and I completed it in precisely 2.25 hours. It was a more brisk walk than I’d hoped for because i had to wait for the washing machine to finish and get the stuff out before I could leave! Mumlife tbh. I then had to drive over there and definitely be back to the car in time to get over to the school for pick-up. I kept the pace up all the way around and I’m proud I managed it.

That said, this was not the kind of Long Walk I had in mind when I set my goals… I was thinking of all-dayers. I’d like to either get one of those in or do another walk similar tot his before the end of the month.

Not Run Out Of Money.

Still as skint as i was when I set this goal, but making it work.

Sort Out The Office, Keep It Useable.

Sadly I haven’t touched the office this week. Two other goals depend on this one.
I must make a start.

Stay On Top Of Housework – Put It Away, Not Down.

I’ve been doing a just about passable job of this. I could get the house guest-ready in probably 1.5 hours? Better but not great.

Conquer My Fear Of My Overlocker.

I can’t do this until the office is sorted. Fail.

“Be Good At Work”.

This has been harder than I’d thought and although I’ve been conciously trying very hard I’ve not done as well as I’d hoped. I haven’t been able to disengage entirely. Things are a little political and frankly sometimes gossip and chitchat is what one needs to gather the intel one requires to Get Shit Done. I have caught myself about to join in on some unkind talk which I’ve stopped myself from doing. Equally I have slipped up on a couple of occasions. Another better but not great.

Host A Crafternoon.

Another goal dependant on the office being useable. This isn’t time-dependant though – I can be thinking about this one.

All in all, not too bad, but not really great. Good? OK? I’ll go with OK and do better next week.

Bleak But Nice

I’m so pleased with this picture – it really looks like a painting, no?

Today I cajoled M and B into coming on a walk with me before doing some much needed food shopping. M hates the former and I hate the latter, but we really needed some fresh air and as B and I go back to work & school tomorrow we needed to get tired out for a good sleep tonight.

The mist rolling in is just lovely

I’m certainly not looking forward to go ing back to work tomorrow (haven’t been since I left at 14:30 on 23rd December!), but I’m definitely going to try to make the best of it and avoid the worst of the toxicity.

So this walk… Just a short one at Levington in Suffolk, one we’ve done before. Very pleasant, very easy, a bit busier than I’d prefer with a few noisy families we escaped down onto the beaches to lose a couple of times…

No beach treasure here, sadly. Quite sinky, stinky, boot-suckling muddy shores, but deliciously bleak.

I won’t remove Levington from my list of places to walk; I’d like to go back and do it alone really, go the longer route, linger over the details more. Today’s walk was wonderful weather for the landscape – cold, slightly windy with drizzle whipped about my ears, stinging my cheeks and I looked across the River Orwell and breathed in air which was almost tart, it was so refreshing.

I really do prefer walking alone, it makes me so sad that M hates it so much. I’d love to enjoy it together. It actually feels like a rejection of me because I love walking so much. B comes along on my walks with me as often as I can convince her to, which is special time together indeed. But truly I like to walk for longer and go further than it is fair to drag unwilling participants.

I’m glad we went out, I hope they are too, after the event.

Now there’s that Sunday night routine for B and I: bath, book, bed… Clothes laid out for the morning, packed lunch made. It’s simultaneously cosy and familiar and completely stifling.